Dogs are all over the beach! And for most part they all get along? mutts rule!
We surfed from march 3rd to the 16th, check out this site has a diary of every day!
Claudia's site with march waves

"Con" Awards go to,
categories: And more to come!
 Biggest waves-
1st place goes to Danny!That OTW wave was pretty big.
Biggest Bitch / wipped-
1st place Danny followed by a close second place by JV! better luck next time!
Most Hustler award-
 1st place goes to Danny! For hustling at Food land and never getting caught!
2nd place goes to Kris. He got caught the first time and is no longer aloud at Food Land! Nice try though.
M.B.P. award -
1st place Myself cuz I'm the Most Bowliness Playah, a 700 in a three game series!
Funniest wipe-
1st place JV for that waimea  shore break sequence, looks sandy! 2nd goes to Myself for the nice purple bruise I had from hitting the reef at half point, sorry no pics of that but it was on my ass anyway.
Biggest Slacker-
1st JV who by the way is the biggest asshole! In the world he owes me $350, has a job but decides to spend his money on booze,weed,yay yo and fat chix. You cant avoid me for ever bitch!!!!