"pros" Hawaii march 2002
 Most of these pics are taken from Pipe and Off the wall.
Jeff Hubbard: I got about three days of hubb, One at pipe and two at off the wall, Theres alot of sequences here and there, you can figure it out. As you can see he  was doing air reverses most of the time (inverted at times) and i did get a invert or two on tape and a pretty sweet backflip. One small wave i  taped he did his own move the "hubb" but i didn't post it up here because, it was a small wave and its something you have to see one tape.

GT: He's crazy, you have to see him go at it. its like he's mad or something, super fast at everthing. I seen him out at pipe/back door , and log cabins.

Chris "won" Taloa : I only got him one day at pipe. He seems like a cool guy, mostly cuz he having fun. l remember last year a freak set was coming , you could see it on the horizon. Then it broke i started paddling out farther, he was in front of me laughing out loud. Luckly second reef wasn't breaking top to bottom on that set. it was an easy duck dive. I tried catching one but it was to much of a hill and not steep enough. Last year he was out every day at pipe but last year pipe was breaking everyday!

Booth: believe or not i dont have much of him dking? But i think thats cool cuz in most vids thats all you see. This is Off the wall of course. This first sequence was a sweet tube ride where he comes out into the light twice but it did end up closing on him.

Brian Wise: I didn't get much of BW on film, but not many people do, here is one tube sequence at off the wall.

Colin Herlihy: these pics where taken from  Ehukai and log cabins. I haven't seen much bodyboarding as far as pro's go, I've only seen them on these two trips i have took over the last two years, but he was the best dking action I've seen ever in person . and check out the front flip squence, thats SICK. and he landed all of his stuff.

Jarret Lau: At Off the Wall.
Some guy who seemed to be good friends with GT was busting all over the place, heres a couple pics
A few from the I'm not sure file at off the wall. SORRY for the fat guy. he's not cool but reversing in closeout are!