Check out random pics for this stupid summer pics.
It all started at with winds and the buoy still said
if you cant see it 4 am SW winds and 9.2 foot waves, mostly wind swell at that point. So we figure we better go and get some before it get killed by the winds turning offshore. We check out smiths and it was breaking on the out side and everywhere. It didn't look to good. So we decided to take a trip to Dune Road in the Hamptons. When we got there the bowl looked like crap and small so we went down the road a bit and found some big heavy ones. But the thing was the paddle out looked hard....and it was. So JV left for the bowl  for the easy paddle. We stayed (hoping it would clean up a bit) there and scored surf that made us not feel at home. The pics show what we mean. Sessions went from 7-12 then 2 to 4:30 same spot which I go to when you see the hamptons on my site, oh and it was just the three of us most of the time and Tim met up with us later. Then we headed back to smiths at like 5-7 we surfed an easy paddle out with a much smaller but still fun wave. Pics of myself will come from Bob B and the ones below are from danny cuz he was beat at smiths  but wanted to tape still? thanks goes out to Kyle,