LI pics part5
OK these shots are from saturday morning the 25th of may, it was the first time i got to use the water housing and it kicks ass! this day was a small 2ft day but what better day to test it out? i'm stoked on it! the first three shots are Kris and the last two are me. check out the video clip!  video clips!
Here is myself from the video cam at like 5:40 in the morning.
Me at ditch
Jay V proning away

bob proning
Me, Myself and I. 12/02/01 with small as it gets surf, cuz thats the only time i get taped.
Joey at smiths
Tim at smiths going below sea level and above.
Kris doing his thing at smith with a SW wind swell
Danny backsiding out west
Eric with a tube ride
Joey out west dking
Bob coming out of a tube
Steve air dropping
Matt clark with a nice clean barrel