LI pics 8

weekend of 26th and 27th of Oct. Saturday was big we went to a sheltered location and scored some surf it was fun but very cold . Sunday we went in the hamptons and found a break that was working well. The surf disappeared quickly.  To bad we couldn't surf Saturday night. cuz this sucks. heres a couple of pics. here was Saturday at smiths that was the outer bar.

Danny on Sunday morning. Which came and went rather quickly it was good until like 9a.m. this was after 9 but still fun.
Thats me below.,waiting around for a set wave would have you waiting maybe 10 minutes or more!!!! I did get the best tubes of this year earlier. But like I said thing changed quick.
here is a wave of myself on the sept 28. I was looking back and decided to grab this cuz it just looks like a big wave, plus its my site so i can put as many pics of myself as i want!
here are a few shot of bob and I, out west the day after. (sept29th). very different but what i expect its NY two days swell are lucky! anyway a bunch of these shot i'm just throwing out my board at the wave while i'm dking cuz it silly fun(plus i suck!). and there is one wave that i'm inverting going right so its me from the back angle.