Hawaii pro's 2001 march
OK, well if you seen my site last couple of weeks, i've been saying i would have a video clip of all my HI footage, well for some reason it wasn't working so i took some pics from the footage and put it up.  IDK means I DONT KNOW, i mite think i know but i'm not putting any names unless i'm sure. enjoy! all that is new is from the top to lance.
Jarett Lau inverting, well i thinnk its him?
IDK with an invert
This is a bodysurfer that went over the falls........
IDK with a sic tube then and invert, (same wave)
Bitzer with a reverse.
Lanson with a tube sequence.
Kainoa getting tubes and coming out sprayed.OK you will have to believe me, he gets out and did that head knod thing he does.....you know. I just dont feel like looking through the footage to find it!
Won ton blasting some pipe spray.
Skipp with a backflip sequence.
won ton getting tubed.
Jesse Cooper going big.
these are some unkown shots that I had. I dont know if there pro are not but some nice stuff.
Skipp with a foward!
Eastcoster Colin Herlihy at pipe with a snap!
Skipp reversing at Pipe.

Skipp waving.
Kainoa McGee Dking pipe
Unknown to me , in and out of a pipe tube.