Kris last summer finishing a small floater
Kris last summer..
Dan at smiths last year
Me at P-ditty
Kris inverting at smiths
Me dking P-ditty

Kris reversing at p-Ditty
Out west. winter
Dan at smith's last summer 2000
Jay V with some snap spray at smith's
Kris steering into a close out at smith's summer 2000
Joey going off the lip at smith's summer 2000
Me dking at smith summer 2000
Tim tweaked at smith's spring 2000
Me at long beach march. Well its blurry but it closeout anyway.
Tim at P-ditty. closeout
Kris at long beach.
Look, an Indian Style stone cold salute from me to you.
Dan right before it closes. Snug as a bug in a rug.
Kris at smiths and stuff.
Jay V backsiding turtles. Dam he's dark.
 Danny in erin swell at ditch
Kris at smiths with the swell dropping.
JV at smiths also
Tim at the bowl with erin.
Joey at smiths
me at the high tide spot fishing and boarding.