Links and Sufcams!  A new site with some more sick pics, with a water cam, straight out of LI.  another east cost crew with the main goal of bobdyboarding life.....FUN in deleware this is a page from rick's site, it has fellow NY booger pat norton and friends with pics of there travels around the world every year! A site about our brothers just south of us! sick pics and profiles. The name says it all! This site is all about the west side! well its got sick video clip and sweet pics. its a top notch site This site is updated every day! with pics of the North shore! (hawaii for you beginners)  Jay Reale. Keeping it reale. At his sic E store! lol Sometimes there's cool stuff on this site. Plus you might notice we have some pics on it! . They got some sic pics. And its still all east cost!!!! This site changes here and there but you can buy stuff and read stuff and stuff,,,,.... This is ozz's NF site, there news is updated more often and stuff. theses guys support bodyboarding and i like video games so i support them.

All Right this is we're I check out the surf on Long Island!
All of these cams have there problems. But when they work it sure helps, just make sure you know the date, and check it when your looking! This one is montalk. Its new and seams to work more offten!     Smiths point cam. It works some times. And if it does it puts up a live pic every hour, This site has a beach cam of main beach in the hamtons.Click on the the cam pic! The surf shop sucks. But a cool cam that works for the most part. Its gilgo beach. When he's awake. Or when it works, it shows some live pics of long beach.$station=44025 This is the buoy report! This is extra gravy info! dont forget to check the forcast! buoy report is a good way to look what might be coming our way, its the whole NE but they do round off the numbers, like  2.6ft = 3.3 for them? no biggie but dont get to excited when theres a flat spell and its says 3ft. this kind of xplanes its self. just put in your numbers, 40-73