Bodyboarding LIFEthis is what  I  day dream about. Do you?

 Most of    these pics are off of my Sony digital 8 vid cam. It cost about $500 now and has an optical zoom of 20x The pics don't come out the greatest sometimes ,but hey its free!  And its something to do when its flat .

This is my new camera a Sony TRV27, its sweet but it doesn't have as much optical zoom as a digi8, but it can deliver up to 520 lines of horizontal rez......thats a good thing! Around $900

this is my canon elf water camera, its fairly new and it seems to do the trick, some pictures came out blurry. Now I dont know whether its because  to much action or I had water on my lens? But its cool it goes for  about $180 I think?
This is my new cheesy water housing, it  sweet!!!! I used it once as of this report and I works(ed) and thats what count. BUt it broke also so beware! More importantly it cost about $250!!! compared to buying a custom one for $900- 1000!!!!