random pics of stuff
What can I say this summer sucks so far, in the madness of  the flatness, I received something that made charging 1 foot waves fun. My mom gave me her old 80's sun glasses. So we tried them out and it blessed us with super powers beyond our belief!  Notice the pic below. thats me stuck on the inside. JV is behind me telling me what to do to get out past the fierce beach breaks!
This picture really came out cool I thought, thats me charging away!
I tried a few styles with the glasses and discovered keeping a serious face at all times slows you down.
 Kris got the most gnarliest invert caught on camera! From the back of the wave. (This one you might want to make your background!)
thats him trying to cramp my style? That sh!t is whacked!

Kris doing it DOGGY STYLE which I think will take over the DK and prone seen, so keep a head out for it!!!
JV wanted to know how it felt to have some hair and wood?
JV doing his best impression as a butt pirate.
an epic pic of Kris
and lastly JV again, dork

Joey and his board art.
JV's board drawing? and my car in the background!                          Kris pointing at his board cuz he felt left out?

J.V. dking on my skate with a bodyboard.                      Kris doing the same.  
Some pics of stuff? That have nothing to do with anything!      
I'll throw a picture in of the SMITHS PNT Singer.

Kris in the night.

This spider was on my window sil.
Myfriend Mike with a glove save!
       HOLTSVILLE  B L O W I N G     UP
Bodyboarding is a crime when the life guards are a-holes!

A weird looking bird I saw at the beach? Never see one before.